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Searching for BHIM APP Download? Want to send and receive payments on BHIM ? Then follow our guide on how you could use BHIM on your android phone. BHIM is the new app in the android market released by Narendra Modi for the Digital India.

Get it from Android Play Store or Download BHIM Apk Latest version available below. Wondering how you could use BHIM on android phone? Check below to know more about how you could use BHIM on android Phone

BHIM App Download APK

bhim app download

What is BHIM App?

BHIM is the new digital payment app based on UPI. Last week the Prime Minister of INDIA announced and made a big movement towards the digital india. This big step by Prime minister will be helpful making India a better a place in digital payments.

BHIM Full Form stands for BHarat Interface for Money.

BHIM will be the best solution for your digital payments based on UPI (Unified Payment Interface) from the NPCI (National Corporation of INDIA) which manages all the payment systems in India. If you have subscribed for UPI Based Payments on your bank account which is linked to mobile phone, You can able to use BHIM for your Digital Transaction.

List of Banks support BHIM : Most of the popular banks are supported. The list goes on and we have listed some of the popular banks which supports BHIM (UPI based payment app).

  • Andhra Bank
  • Bank of INDIA
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Canara Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • State Bank of INDIA
  • and so on….

How does BHIM can be useful?

BHIM Android App is mainly used to send and receive money payments to other UPI accounts. Also, if you want to send or receive amounts. You can send via IFSC Code or MMID Code (Mobile Money Identifier). To get instant payment from any merchant or seller, Create a Quick Response Code to receive payments.

Download BHIM App APK Latest Version

If you ever wanted to use BHIM on Android Phone, You can get it easily from the below Google Play store button. If you every having any trouble in downloading bhim for android, please leave a comment and we will solve it.

Below button will download bhim app for android. Check it out.

Want to use BHIM on iPhone/iPad ? Then you need to wait for some weeks. Within the few weeks of release, App hit the top free chart on Google Play store. Developers are working on developing a BHIM APP for iPhone/iPad.

If you have Windows Phone, then you might not get BHIM for Windows Phone. As there is no official confirmation on the release of Windows App.

How to Use BHIM Android App to send/receive amount?

Once you had downloaded and installed BHIM on your android phone, You can able to do any of the below functions. Also we will help on how you could able to do all these functions easily. So below are the major things we can do on BHIM Android App.

  • Send money to Other Bank
  • Receive money from friends/merchant using BHIM
  • Instant Pay with QR Code
  • Check Balance

For Sending Money: To send money you need mobile number or payment address. With these info you can able to send money. Also, With IFSC Code you can send money payments to your friends/family or any merchant.

For Receiving Money: You can get payments by 2 Ways: Either by phone number or payment address. With QR Code, you can request anyone to scan your QR Code and send payments to you easily.

Instant Pay via QR Code: Before requesting any payment via QR Code. Make sure you have QR Code (generated) to request money from merchant or friends. Allow your merchant/friends to scan your QR Code to get payments from them.


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That’s all guys. We hope this should solve your queries regarding Download BHIM App for Android Devices. Also you can download BHIM APK easily to your android phone and get installed on your android device to send and receive payments with mobile number or payee address.

If you have any doubts/ having any problem with the above steps, feel free to comment below and we will help you to solve it for you. Hope this post helps. Share this page, if you like it.

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