Download Showbox app for Windows 10 PC, Laptop free

Want to download Showbox for pc? Had you missed your favorite TV shows and want to watch them from start? Don’t worry we have a solution for you. You can download showbox for windows , to watch your favorite tv shows and also some exciting movies.

We will guide you through the download and install showbox for windows 8.1/8/7,  so it will be easy for you to to go through the steps even if you have windows 8/8.1/8 and later you will be delightful with your your favorite shows and movies on your windows pc laptop.

You can download showbox for Mac , iPhone and iPad  and also show box is available for android too, you can download showbox for android, but now we are going to guide you through to download showbox for windows pc or laptop.

Showbox app is one of the best app in the market to watch your favorite TV programs and films on your pc as well as in smartphones too. Showbox is a very friendly app to use and you can simply get any shows and movies by querying for what you want on this app without any struggle. Showbox can be accessed via Android mobile and also in laptop or pc.

You can also try showbox in iPhone or iPad and also Mac PC. Apple Showbox app is available only for certain countries alone, due to some privacy policy of various country Google had blocked this app in some countries and some countries which is available are, United States, Canada UK and other European countries.


Download Showbox for PC Windows 10 and Windows 8/8.1 , Laptop for free

To download Showbox for PC (windows), we need an additional software to run android apps in your laptop or pc. If you had installed this software in your pc you can access this showbox application directly.

We had talks about a software earlier, the software we are referring here will be like an android emulator so that we can run all android apps in our pc or laptop. There are lots of android emulator in the market, among them one of the best android emulator in the market is Bluestack. The below link will download the bluestack for windows pc.


Later downloading the bluestack, install the software, follow a simple guide( next -> next -> … -> Install) Finally, you have installed successfully. If you faced any problem installing bluestack, then kindly comment your problem and we will get back to you with a solution.

Download Showbox app for Windows 10 and Windows 7  PC laptop for free

As showbox is not available in play store we can’t get it directly, so we need to download showbox app apk file separately and later we have to install the android app with bluestack. Lets download the showbox app first,from the below link. The Showbox app apk file will be merely have less space(2MB approx.)


Here are the steps to install showbox with bluestack

Open the downloaded apk showbox app with Bluestack App Handler


This above process will install the showbox app in Bluestack.

Download Showbox App for PC {Windows PC or Laptop}

After installing showbox app in your windows pc or laptop, you can start using app from bluestack. We will guide you through the steps on how to use showbox app in bluestack on windows pc or laptop.

Things you require to download showbox for PC free :

  1. Bluestacks
  2. Computer
  3. Internet
  4. 10 Minutes of your time

Open Bluestack App, bluestack will initialize as seen below and it will take some time to open.


Later navigate to “All Apps” in the dashboard of the bluestack screen.


Now,you will find all the apps installed in your bluestack. browse for Show Box and tap on the icon of Showbox will open the app. You can enjoy your day with your favorite TV shows and movies.



Finally the setup is over for windows and you can also download showbox for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

How to enjoy free Movies and TV Shows? – Download Showbox for PC

Had you missed your favorite TV shows and want to watch your favorite movies? We have the best app in the market for this, ie, Showbox  only available for android. The UI is very simple and you can search for any programs and movies easily and you will get the latest updated from the TV shows. There is also a separate category for movies and programs so this will be easy to navigate between movie and shows.


Showbox Features

  • We can watch TV-programs and movies what we like, anytime and anywhere.
  • Everything you watch in this app is available for free.
  • Less Advertisements in the app, as we navigate to particular movie or programs there is no placement of ads in the app.
  • Search through the big list made easier with a little search bar, which is a great feature in this app.


That’s all. I guess you made through this easily with our simple guide on download showbox for windows and you can also check download showbox for PC [Mac], if you have a Mac. Don’t forget to share with your friends, this may help them in any case..

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