Prisma Apk Download | Prisma App for Android Smartphones Free

Prisma APK Download for Android : There’ a recent buzz about an App that’s trending in Facebook since a week and people are going crazy over it. No I’m not taking about the Pokemon Go app but about the Prisma App . Prisma can convert your photos into amazing paintings by famous painters such as Picasso, Edvard Munch etc. This app has been released officially in iOS app store but is not yet available for Android users. So we’ve found an unofficial Prisma APK version that’ll suit most Android devices.
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Prisma Apk Download | Prisma App for Android Smartphones Free

So now before getting to know how you could get Prisma for Android, Lets know more about the app and its awesome feature. Prisma is an iOS app that turns your normal photos into an artistic painting just with one tap. So easy right! That’s how it works with combining both neural networks and artificial intelligence to turn your normal picture into an art. Ever since its launched, everyone is becoming an artist. Now its time to turn you into an artist with this prisma app for android.

Prisma apk
Prisma Filter

Cool Features for Prisma APK for Android:

  • Add Modern Art Effects
  • Add Photo Effects
  • Easy Sharing
  • Much better than Instagram Filters
  • Advanced technology to make art.

Prisma APP APK Download for Android Smartphones :

You may have seen more sample of Prisma App, and you may wanted to try it on your android. Sadly, Prisma is not available for Android. Developers of Prisma app hadn’t confirmed the official launch of app in Google Play Store. But we could hope for the release may happen soon, As the app got hit for iOS and developer may be working hard to release on Android Market.

Un-official Download link : PRISMA APP APK

Still if you wanna try this prisma apk, then you could consider some of the below mentioned alternatives for prisma apk. The only solution may be difficult as you have to wait for the official launch.

Download Prisma APP for iPhone / iPad

As Prisma App is officially available for iOS users, so there is no need to worry about how you could get this app on your ipad or iphone devices. Probably you may know how to do so, else no need to worry we are here to help you. Just follow the simple steps we give below.

  1. Click above to directly download prisma app from Apple Store.
  2. Navigate to Apple Store, Search for Prisma App
  3. Choose “Prisma” and Click Install

Also you can download from here : Prisma from iTunes 

That’s it. In few more minutes, you could be able to complete your download and prisma for ios will be installed on your ipad / ios devices. If you still not able to do so, please leave a comment and we will help you.

Download Prisma Alternatives – For Android Smartphones

Had you fallen in love with Prisma App and Wanna use it on your android ? Can’t wait for the official release of prisma app for android? Then you should consider these apps as your prisma app alternatives. So we had tried so hard to find some of the best alternative for prisma app. We guess, you should try these at least one time.

App NameRatingNumber of DownloadsPrice
Photo Lab Picture Editor FX4.466k+Free
SuperPhoto - Effects + Filters4.137k+Free
PicsArt Photo Studio4.44.8M+Free
Camera3604.34M+Free & Paid
Bonfire Photo Editor Pro4.3600+Free

Try this Photo Lab Picture Editor Fx (Recommended)

  1. Photo Lab: Fotos Bearbeiten ⭐

With Photo Lab Picture Editor Fx, You could do some photoshop effects easily with just one tap. This app has more filters and effects to get more magic on your photos.

Make a Art with SuperPhoto – Effects and Filters

This app is awesome with its filters and effects, not a perfect alternative to prisma. But you could try atleast one time. So that you could get hands on your photos and apply filters and effects and test it out.

Create your unique style with PicsArt Studio

  1. PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage
    Developer: PicsArt
    Price: Free+

With PicsArt, You can make more impossible things to come true with your art of photoshop. You just have to explore more options and you should try each options. Also, PicsArt is there to help you to discover more pictures and photos around the world

More Options to try on Camera 360

  1. Camera360- Selfie Photo Editor

As there is no effects and filters that relate to prisma, you may not consider this an best alternative. But trust us, there are more filters and effects you should try it. Also, you have more options to do on Camera 360.

Few different art filters on Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

  1. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro
    Developer: Hugo Software
    Price: Free+

With very few filters and effects that would turn your photo into art, Bonfire makes to the alternate list for prisma. If you hadn’t liked any of the above alternatives for prisma for android, they you should alteast try this once, so you could hands only on less filters and effects that will make your pic an art.



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